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Visual Arts, Vakalo Art and Design College, Athens, Greece, 2019 (One-year Educational Program)

Social Anthropology, Panteion Universtity, Athens, Greece, 2002 (Ba)

 Group Exhibitions

"ThreadED", Newark Works, Bath, UK, 2023

"Eftychis Synkyria", Romantso, Athens, Greece, 2023

"Fragment of Chaos", Romantso, Athens, Greece, 2023

"Travelling Art Outside", Anixi Square Zografou, Athens, Greece, 2022

"Eternal Womb", Digenakis Winery, Kalloni, Heraklion Crete, Greece, 2022

"Archetype and Conjecture", Chili Art Gallery, Athens, Greece, 2022

"Landscape, the Charm of a Place", ArteVisione Gallery, Athens, Greece, 2022

"Exclusion", online exhibition, Artogether, 2021

"Visual Arts Show", Vakalo Art and Design College, Athens, Greece, 2020


Paricipation at "Travelling Art Outside", Artogether - Art of People with and without Disabilities, Athens, Greece, 2022

Cultural field research for "Hotel Obscura - Dourgouti Island Hotel" EU Culture Program, Athens, Greece, 2014

Theatrical Set Design for EYDAP SA Cultural Association, Athens, Greece, 2012-2013

Participation at "The Screaming of the Whale", 14th Day Dance Company, Athens, Greece, 2008

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