Social Anthropology, Panteion Universtity, Athens, Greece, 2002 (Ba)

Visual Arts, Vakalo Art and Design College, Athens, Greece, 2019 (One-year Educational Program)

 Group shows

"Eternal Womb", Digenakis Winery, Kalloni, Heraklion Crete, Greece, 2022

"Archetype and Conjecture", Chili Art Gallery, Athens, Greece, 2022

"Landscape, the Charm of a Place", ArteVisione Gallery, Athens, Greece, 2022

"Exclusion", online exhibition, Artogether, 2021

"Visual Arts Show", Vakalo Art and Design College, Athens, Greece, 2020


Paricipation at "Travelling Art Outside", Artogether - Art of People with and without Disabilities, Athens, Greece, 2022

Cultural field research for "Hotel Obscura - Dourgouti Island Hotel" EU Culture Program, Athens, Greece, 2014

Theatrical Set Design for EYDAP SA Cultural Association, Athens, Greece, 2012-2013

Participation at "The Screaming of the Whale", 14th Day Dance Company, Athens, Greece, 2008